Short Lived

My life as a working mom that is. And no it wasn't by choice. Yes, that's right, yesterday I was fired, canned, axed! However you say it, I was let go. Now, let me just start by saying, I have never been fired from a job. Not in high school or college or ever! I take great pride in doing a good job in the workplace. So yesterday when I was asked to step into the drs office with the office mgr, I was floored when he said I was being let go. Was this really happening? I was so mad, embarrassed, surprised, I honestly didn't have a clue what to say or do. He said most of the deciding factors of letting me go was that they were so slow and couldn't afford me. But, he did say there were also a few smaller factors that he didn't want to go into unless I wanted to. And by that I heard 'these are the real reasons we're letting you go but this is the one we're using to try and help you save face.' So my next statement was, actually I would like to go into it. I mean if I screwed up, I wanna know how. Now, let me stop here and say, since the first day I started working one of the front office girls has had major issues with me. MAJOR! I mean, go out of her way to be a B* to me. And a few weeks back the drs pulled me into their office to ask if I was happy and I went into the issues I was having with her. I thought maybe that would calm things down some but I"m not sure they really seen it my way. So I had a pretty solid feeling a lot of my being "let go" actually had to do with her. To some of my defense it did.  She made my working life miserable. So from the second I walked in I was on the defense and apparently that was pretty apparent and the drs felt like I had a bad attitude. And I"m not gonna lie, I probably did. But, never once, not once, did I let that follow through to patients. They didn't see it that way and so I was the one to hit the door. So this morning I woke up at 8am and in a few minutes my babes are going to be stirring and I'm going to scoop them out of their cribs and I'm never looking back. Most of my hurt is really for Dalyn. And let me say he was in no way upset or mad at me. But I took this job in hopes to get us better off financially, with the hopes of being able to buy him a practice soon. But apparently, God has other plans so for now I'm trusting him and hoping for something way better to come along! And I'm gonna enjoy spending my free time with these two cuties

So I'm back to the blogging world. And to be honest I'm pretty excited about that too. I'm excited to start catching back up with all my old blogs. And maybe this had given me some motivation to get some of my craft projects done! Hope you all have a great week!


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