Dead or Alive

Yes, we are all still alive and well here in our household. We have had LOTS of big changes in the last few months. One, very big change that's taken me away from the computer, internet and blog a lot more often.

I went back to work! Yes, I'm officially no longer a SAHM. I have to admit it's really very strange. I was out of work for about a month and half before the babies were born and never went back after they were born. We are in a massive save all we can and pay off as much debt as we can mode. Which is hopefully going to bring even bigger changes in the next year. I ended up taking a job at another dentist office in town which is kind of strange considering Dalyn is a dentist. So far on a scale of 1 to 10 of how much I like it I would give it a 3! haha No really, it's not even that I miss my kids (which I do so terribly much that I cried everyday for the first week or so over everything), it's more that I'm just not crazy about my co-workers. I won't elaborate much more than that but I think my tolerance for people is a lot less than it use to be before I had kids. Drama drives me even more crazy and people who don't have respect for you as a person really creeps under my skin. So it's been an interesting few weeks to say the very least. 

So, I know your next question is going to be what we're doing with the kids. What, does anyone still ready anymore? hahaha We found an amazing daycare for an amazing ridiculous price and with the whole point of me going back to work being SAVING, we decided to hire a nanny. We started in the most unlikely of places, with my dad! He's retired and doesn't really have a lot going on back home so he volunteered to keep the babies for 1/4 of the price of daycare. So for now that's our plan. I think we'll go with it through maybe November or December and then re-access. 

Okay bloggy readers I have so much more to blog about but 6am comes way to early. Hopefully, I'm gonna get back into a routine and start blogging more. I also have TONS of pictures to upload. 


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