Where to Start

I have so much to update on that I honestly don't even know where to start. I think that's why its taken me so long to get a post going. Before I get to updating on our life and family can I please just update you on the happenings today. 

1. We had an earthquake! Okay well a tremor anyways. In NC! 
2. We are about to be hit by a Cat. 3 hurricane!

Really, mother nature, we need a break in ENC! haha I think it's crazy that we felt a tremor today. They are checking all this stuff like gas lines, etc that i never even knew about. Hope anyone or their families that were involved are ok! 

So, where to start. I want to give some things post of their own. But one thing that can be included in this jumble is that I took the plunge into mommyhood. Okay, I know your thinking, didn't you have two kids 15 months ago? Wasn't that the real plunge? Nope, a mini-van was the real plunge. We bought a Tahoe before the kids were born and thought it would be great. I wasn't anywhere ready for a van then. Dalyn had been driving his car for, well, a long time! And it was about to bite the dust, so in order to afford him we had to trade my Tahoe but I needed something that would still be functional. So I got a mini-van. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and I LOVE IT! I'm 5'3" on a good day and it took everything I had to haus the babies back up in their carseats. It is so easy to get them in and out now! Not to mention the storage. We really wanted 3 rows of seating and we got that with the Tahoe but no storage behind that 3rd row. Now we have TONS of space behind the 3rd row. Although, it's maybe not as cool as the Tahoe it much more practical. And let's facing it, I'm racing ever so close to 30, mom of 2, thinking about expanding in the future, driving a cool car isn't in my future for a long time! 

Dalyn's mom and my dad came down to visit a few weeks ago! I LOVE family. We are so far away from family and it feels like such a welcome change to see people we love and who are so familiar to us. My dad decided to stay for a few weeks to help with the babies, PRAISE THE LORD! because they have been handfuls for the past few weeks! I don't know what happened to my sweet, playful, easy babies but they are quickly turning into out of control toddlers! But to their defense they have been doing some major teething, so I think they get the pass. 

I mean, look at these faces. . . . 

There's a sneak peak of my next post. . . . 


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