swim like a fish

I have loved water since as far back as I can remember.  I remember jumping off the high dive at our community pool when I was a mear 5. Dalyn is equally as fond of the water. So, we knew of course we wanted our children to share the same love of water as we do. They love the bath and always have, so I didn't think it would be to much of a challenge. We have an awesome swim school here that was created by the first swim coach ever at ECU. Everyone knows about it and RAVES about it. I set out in the spring to get the kids enrolled in swim classes there. I had no idea everyone else in Eastern NC had the same idea! Apparently, there is a huge wait every summer. I was sure we weren't gonna get in this year but I got a call at the end of July saying they had two openings in the time slot we desired, could be come. Of course I jumped on the opportunity. It was 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week for two weeks. 

Day 1 arrived and I was so excited I could barely contain myself. The kids could've cared less I think. Luckily, my dad was still in town so we had our own little photographer for the whole thing. Did I mention we have lots of pics of our kids? The kids did far better than I expected, learned far more than I would've imagined and I think were really sad to not be going back. I got the inside scoop on how to get in next year so hopefully, we'll be headed back early Spring next year! Here are some pictures from our awesome adventure!

OH, please excuse how pasty white I am. I know I really need to get out in the sun but egh I never have time. story of my life!


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