that's how I feel about my blog! haha We have had so much going on the last few weeks that I don't even know where to start. 

I've been interviewing like mad for jobs. Dalyn and I have a year left here in Greenville and we decided it would be best for our future if I went back to work. It would allow us to save up a good deal of money before our year is over and hopefully put us in a better situation to purchase a practice. I can't even count how many interviews I've been on at this point but I've only been offered one and the pay was so low I wouldn't even break even with daycare costs. Nevertheless, I know something great is out there for me so I'll continue to march on despite all the rejection! haha

I've been working on a few side things to help us earn some money also. I've been selling stuff like mad on eBay. I've made some pretty good bank selling stuff on there. Even though I have to pay additional fees I feel like I get a much better and more serious response from my stuff off eBay than Craigslist. I have also been sewing non-stop in my free time. I have a lot of stuff piling up that I'm thinking about starting a etsy store. I also potentially have another business venture in the works.

The big really crappy news is that our renter that was leasing our house in Nashville, TN decided to stop paying his rent. He had started getting a really bad payment history going and since November its just gotten worse. We had decided we had, had enough and were about to proceed with eviction proceeding when he informed us he would be moving out. With all the back rent and late fees he owes us somewhere in the neighborhood of $4k!! So needless to say we had to hire a lawyer anyways because I'm gonna do everything I can to re-coup that money. I asked him(the tenant) before he moved out if the carpets needed to be cleaned or lawn mowed or what needed to be done to the house. His response was nothing, the house is in tip-top shape. We hired a property manager to take over leasing this house from this point forward because from 14 hours away it's just not possible. I over-nighted her keys Friday and she went into the house Sunday. And of course you might know, he hadn't moved all his stuff out!!! And the house was a filthy mess!!! I'm not sure pigs would have inhabited that place. Makes me so sad to see. That was our first house as a married couple. That was where we started out marriage. We had some AMAZING memories in that house!! So his idea of tip-top shape, turned into a $1k cleaning job later. UGH!! So I've been dealing with that for about the last 3 weeks. Hopefully, we're on the up side and it will be re-rented in no time! 

What else. . . . hum. I've been busy with doing stuff for my local multiples group! We're in the midst of selling cookbooks! And trying to do all types of planning, etc to help out group grow and prosper. If you are a member of a multiples group out there, I'd love to pick your brain on some stuff if you'd be willing to email with me! 

I know there is probably lots I"m forgetting in our daily lives that have been going on but I"m hoping to get a couple of other posts up in the next few days, including a post about the babies (since they turned 14 mos, yesterday) and also a post on what to feed 'em!

Hope you all are having a great hump day!!


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