Oh me, Oh my

As we enter the last week of April I realize that I've neglected my blog in a major way this month. I still want to do the babies 11 month post just so I have it recorded. My normal 'me' time during the day that I would spend blogging has been consumed by my dad being in town for the last month. Then we went out of town for a week. Then I HAD to work on the babies birthday invites and get them sent out. And then just when I thought things might calm down sickness hit!!! Now I'm in a fit of panic trying to run around and get everything done in time for their party in less than two weeks!! Also, my best friend is flying in from MI on Wednesday and then we are driving to the mountains where I'll be spending almost two weeks with family and friends. Dalyn will be joining us for one week of that. So needless to say April was busy but May is shaping up to be just as insane! I can hardly believe that in a matter of just a few weeks my sweet babies will be ONE!! Oh and which reminds me of another thing I've been busy doing. Purging!! Dalyn and I decided that it will be a while before the possibility of baby #3 enters the picture and we just don't have room for excessive baby stuff so we're having a yard sale to get rid of a lot of stuff we don't need anymore. So in the past 3 days I've sorted through 6 huge totes full of baby clothes!! And of course I kept all the really sentimental stuff. I'm going to have it made into a quilt I think! But looking back at all that tiny stuff made me realize just how little my babies were. I had about 4 outfits for Landry that were preemie and while they were skin tight he still wore them for about a week. So TINY!! But I'm loving the stage we're at right now, the babies are like sponges absorbing new stuff daily!! It's such an exciting stage. I have so much to update for them and hopefully I'll get their 11 month post up today. Lastly, since their birthday invites have gone out and everyone has seen them I thought I would give you all a sneak peak. I didn't black out any of the info so please don't be sketch and show up!! LOL unless of course I know you personally or you receive an invite!

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