Mr. Picky

My leading lady is pretty easily pleased when it comes to food. If you eat it, she'll at least give it a taste or 5! My main man was never really picky when it came to baby food. He was always open and loved just about anything. Now that baby food is about a thing of the past in our household I'm finding my buddy man is becoming quite the picky eater. And I'm finding myself heading back to baby food for him. I mean he won't eat anything cheese related. No grilled cheese, no mac and cheese, no broccoli and cheese, no cheese cubes, none, nada, zero! He may touch it to the end of his tongue but it's quickly spit back out.

So yesterday while we were outside enjoying the weather I was surprised that Landry climbed 4 steps (which he's never done before because there are no stairs in our house) to partake in my dads lunch sandwich. You could never in a million years guess what he was eating .......... Bologna sandwich with mayo and mustard. And my buddy man went to town on that sandwich! I've never seen him take such big bites or eat something so fast. He LOVED it! So maybe he isn't as picky as I originally thought???!!!??? Either way I was happy to see him branch out to try something new.

Enjoying papaw's sandwich!

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