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Well, here I am a week out from my last post again. I've been drawing such a big blank lately when it comes to blogging. Dalyn will probably laugh when he reads this, because the thought of me lacking something to say just never happens. We are still in the midst of Dalyn's work drama. We are going to AL  next Friday for a follow-up interview to a webcam interview Dalyn had Friday. It went really well and sounds like if we like the area and agree to terms the job is ours. It's in Anniston, AL, have any of you ever heard of it? Give me a heads up if so. From what I understand it's only like an hour from ATL which I'm loving!!! We also had an interview in Fayetteville, NC but we're not as sure about it. We're waiting with our fingers crossed to also hear back from a site in Chattanooga, TN. That's the one we'd really like but at this point we'll settle for a stable position. Please continue to pray for us as we try to follow the direction that is best for our family.

The babies have been down and out with their first 'real' colds =-( It started last Thursday and hasn't really gotten any better or worse so hopefully in a few days it will get out of this house. Landry has the worst cough ever. It just breaks my heart. In other news with them, you can see all four of their top teeth poking through and the two laterals on the bottom. So in the next month or so they are going to have 8 visible teeth!!! That's insane to me. That hasn't really helped out with the colds much. They are both getting better and better at walking. We have a push behind thingy and they push it all over the living room. They are surfing the furniture and around toys and will even now transfer from toy to toy. We've gotten them both to take a few independent steps but not what I would quite label as their 'first steps' just yet. They are also starting to play really well independently. Up until now they refuse to play in the floor by themselves. If we get up and walk out of the room they are quickly following. Or if we sit in the chair they want to be help but we've noticed more and more they continue to play and pay no attention to what we're doing. They have so many little 'tricks' right now that its hard to keep up! Finley has started to lean in to Boston (our yorkie) for kisses, of course he loves it and so does she. Mommy, not so sure about it. I want her to lean in to me. And occasionally she will. She loves to play pic-a-boo and will even use her shirt if necessary. Landry loves to clap and thinks that gets him anything. He also has a kissy face that will melt your heart. But I won't get to much into anything as I'll be doing their 10 month post come Saturday.

I've also been very busy with our local Mothers of Multiples group. We are in the process of trying to do a fundraiser cookbook. Once we are ready to order I will post on here if any of you are interested in purchasing it. It has some awesome recipes so far. And we're hoping this cost will be right at $10. I was also nominated the group secretary. If you all don't belong to a MoM group, you really should. I LOVE it. And while I love my mommy friends outside the group their is just sometimes nothing like talking with other twins mommies. It's been an amazing support for me. If we move it's definitely one of the things I'll miss the most.

Also, I'm busy planning the babies first birthday. I don't want to give away to many details but we're planing on doing an owl theme. The babies nicknames are 'hoot' and screech,' and we thought it was prefect for their first birthday. Not to mention their are tons of owl stuff out there right now. I don't want to leak to many details before the party but I have found some amazing stuff on etsy I can't wait to share after it's over. (in case your wondering where the nicknames come from you can click here) I'm hoping to get invitations ordered within the next couple of weeks and then all I'll need to finalize it food and their outfits.

Welp, I gotta run my sweet boy had coughed himself awake and it not a happy camper. Hope you all have a great week!


ap said…
Had a long comment...but alas the darn "cookies" prevented me from posting.

I do know of niece used to live there. It is kinda the halfway spot between Atlanta and Birmingham...small town feel but still close to the bigger cities. Don't know too much other than that. We used to have a lake house at Lake Wedowee which is not too far from Anniston. Good luck and I hope that everything works out for you guys!

I am in full on party planning fun! Can't wait to see! Love the owl theme!

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