Busy Week

So this week Dalyn and I are traveling to AL for a follow-up interview. I think I've never had quite so many feelings at the same time. As the weeks tick on at work, nothing gets better and Dalyn continues to hear more disheartening stories about past doctors and dentist. So I pray that God will lead us where we need to be. And in some strange way I feel like he is. We declined a job in NC last week and you would think with all the uncertainty I would be anxious but I wasn't, I was very much at peace with the decision.

So, that leads me to my question. Do you all get anxious when you travel with your kiddos? This is the first time we will be staying in a hotel since the babies started crawling and since they started bathing in a 'normal' bath tub. And I am FREAKED out about the germs!! I've packed a supply of clorox wipes for the bath tub but I can't sanitize the whole room. Suggestions?

The babies turned 10 months on Saturday and with everything going on I haven't even gotten to take 10 month pictures yet. Hopefully, soon! I just cannot believe how fast 10 months has gone by!

I also have a ton of pictures and videos I've been trying to post from my phone! But in the meantime here are two pics of my loves

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