Why is blogger on my iPhone upside down?

Why is my head still hurting 4 days later?

Why does it always happen the one spice you run out of, you need 4 tbsp in the next recipe?

Why is it going to take the repair shop until the first week of march to fix my hubby's car?

Why did someone feel it necessary to put base boards in a house? And why does it inevitably seem like all dog hair clings straight to them like magnets?

Why does my dog deem fit to pee in the floor after I've just spend the last hour vacuuming and mopping? Especially when the back door is swinging open?

On that note, why can't my house stay clean for longer than 10 min?

I'm determined all this will not ruin my Valentine's Day. We had a super fun play date with some other twin moms today and we may just be planning a little surprise for the special man in our lives later. Oh and did I mention I have two of the cutest Valentine's on the planet this year? And quite possibly two of the most michevious!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!! XOXO


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