This. . .

was my very poor attempt at a blog makeover. Stick to my day job, huh?

I found a very reasonably priced girl who I'm planning on contacting pronto to do a blog makeover.  I think the wait list was about two weeks so hopefully it will be done soon.

So, I realized my previous two post, were, well, depressing. It's been a long week and half or so but I'm trying to focus on the positive. Things have been fairly quite so far this week (I hope I didn't just jinx it). Finley is in the process of cutting one of her top teeth. She's been fussy to say the least. I can see it so I'm hoping it will pop on through soon.

In other news, Dalyn and I switched from AT&T to Verizon at the end of December and we just got iPhone 4's through Verizon. I was about to die with my old Blackberry. But on the upside of it all, we just sold our old iPhone 3Gs for $200 a piece last night!! Woohoo! Talk about a money maker!

Speaking of making money. I've been meaning to post about my diaper saver but I haven't gotten a chance to. So I thought I would link y'all up with with Mommy Wants Freebies. It has all the instructions and info you need to know. Be sure to surf on over there. I buy the insane expensive Huggies Pure & Natural, it seems like when I use the regular kind Finley always gets a diaper rash. Well, by doing this I've been getting about 420 diapers for $49. That's $0.11 a diaper! If you use the cheaper kind you could get an even better deal. So be sure to check it out and start saving. ITS SUPER EASY!!

I'm still working on getting the babes 9 month post up so hopefully I will have it up by Friday. Oh and speaking of Friday, I'm going to get my hair done Friday. Which is way way way way overdue. Here's what I'm thinking. . . .



Kind of a mix between these two. What do you think?? It's really short.

This pic was about two months after the babies were born. . . .
but I don't really think my hair was a lot different. Hopefully, it will look cute! I'll update y'all after I get it done.


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