That's what we call bumps, bruises, cuts, etc in our house.

My poor little man has certainly had his fair share of ouchies the past few days.

Let's put this week's 'ouchies' in perspective.

Ouchie #1 - Thursday night while in the bath - nose dive straight in the water. I get to him within nano-seconds but apparently he sucked a good deal of water in.

Ouchie #2 - Friday - Dr appt where the finger prick they gave my buddy was the size of being sliced with a knife. (i questioned if a lancet that big was really necessary)

Ouchie #3 - Saturday - While daddy was changing his dippie he rolled over to crawl and took a huge knock to the side of his head. I mean pump knot so big I threatened the urgent care once or twice.

Ouchie #4 - Saturday - Right before bath time, my usually very sturdy stander, took another tumble and knocked the back of his head.

Ouchie #5 - Sunday - I know at this point your thinking maybe someone should call DSS, well this one may take the cake. We have a gate that we had bought but never put up, it was beside Finley's crib propped up against the wall where they couldn't bother it. But because Finley decided she needed the plastic off of it, we moved it behind the door. So this morning while we were playing around in their room, Landry crawled over and pulled it down on top of him. (on a side note, if you are considering calling DSS, please stop reading my blog. Accidents do happen)

So needless to say, my sweet boy has had his fair share of ouchies over the past couple of days. He's such a trooper though. He cries for a few seconds and then continues on to play. But here's to hoping this week is Ouchie-Free!!

Hope you all have a great week.


Heather P said…
Haha poor guys, these made me laugh though.

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