Sunday Funday

So after all my boy's 'ouchies' last week, I prayed for an uneventful week/weekend.

Well, needless to say, it.didn't.happen. PERIOD!

GRRRRR, can't a girl just get a break here!

Okay, much better. haha, not really but I tried.

Let's see where should we begin. How about we'll start with Monday. I got a phone call late Monday that I had a potential job interview for a very awesome opportunity. But I needed to have a suit. Great. Oh, but let's not forget that it was for the next day. And not only that I needed childcare. Oye, Oye! So I ran out to find an outfit. Luckily, I found something and in the meantime got childcare worked out with Dalyn.   ***Positive side note, I got my new iPhone 4 Monday night!!!***

So Tuesday, I ran around like a mad woman. Got the babies shuffled to Dalyn's work, to the interview, to get the babies, then home. I thought it went great, apparently it didn't because I still haven't heard. Then on the way home Tuesday night Dalyn hit a deer. Yes, a four legged deer. That most people shoot to kill. In this area apparently all you have to do is drive down the road. Please, keep in mind, this is the second deer we've hit since we lived here. Thankfully, Dalyn wasn't hurt, Dalyn's car didn't fair so well.

Wednesday, was quite, deep breath.

Thursday, it decided to snow. A moron driving a tow truck came to get Dalyn's car. I'm pretty sure he did about half as much damage as the deer. I also got the wonderful news that after I had already filed my taxes for the year that I was getting a 10-99 from my old job. REALLY PEOPLE!! So now I have to make an addendum.

Friday, I wake up hoping for a great weekend. WRONG! I had to be carted to the emergency room via ambulance. I thought I was dying! I've had mirgraines since I was 16. Nothing new. They have ALWAYS followed the same pattern. Aura (lasting from 10-15 min), numbness in my right arm and cheek (lasting 10-15 min), major headache (lasting all day). Friday, Aura (25-30 min) not normal, numbness down both arms and entire right side of body (2 hrs) REALLY NOT NORMAL. Add that along with tightness in my chest and I thought I was dying. They still have no idea what was wrong but after Reglan, Benedryl, Morphine, and Valum they sent me on my way. I'm going to follow up with my regular doctor. If any of you out there have a good migraine medicine, please pass it on!

Thankfully, yesterday and today have been uneventful. It's been a long week so I could really use a short easy week this week. We have our first play date tomorrow and I'm excited about it. Dalyn's car will hopefully be fixed sometime this week. And his parents will be here Friday. So here's to hoping things start looking up in our household.

Side note, I have 9 month olds!! 9 MONTH OLDS PEOPLE!! Crazy! Time is flying and I've been getting stuff for their b-days together. I know it's early but I'm also planning from 6 hours away. I'll have their 9 month post up soon. Can I just say, I'm LOVING this age. Although, they are very busy, they are soooooo much fun. I'll catch up with more on that later. Hope you all have a great week!


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