I've been. . .

a little absent. I know. Maybe a lot absent.

Dalyn and I are going through a very trying time right now in our lives. And I know the minute most of you read that sentence your minds are going to immediately jump to marriage troubles. But our marriage is wonderful. Of course, we could spend more time as a 'couple' and maybe not as much as parents but hey it's just where we are in this stage of the game. We (and by we, I mostly mean Dalyn) have been going through a very difficult time with Dalyn's work. I don't want to go into tons of details but to make a very long story short they have run out of money to operate the dental clinic that Dalyn works at. They are asking (well more like forcing) him to take pay cuts, forcing him to try and get rid of staff or worse trying to force him to ask them to take pay cuts. It's not been an easy road the past few weeks and I can kind of feel that we're about to come to a crossroads. I'm sincerely afraid that as each pay period goes by Dalyn's salary may either become less or worse, none. So we have been doing a lot of talking and even more praying. We truly don't know where things are going to take us in the next few months but we are trying to trust in God's plan for us. Please pray for us.

With that said, the other reason I've been so busy is because chasing after my munchkins' is a FULL TIME JOB!! They keep me so busy that I feel like I never have any downtime. I wouldn't have it any other way but when they go down for a nap all I wanna do is sit down and relax. I've also been really busy with our local mother of multiples group. It's not a very big group so I've been working with a couple of other mothers to really try to expand the group. Hopefully, all our efforts will pay off.

Everything else is going great! I have several post that I'm working on to catch up on things. Hopefully, I will have a second soon. LoL, I feel like those have become famous last words!


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