9-Month Check-up

Just a few days shy of 9 months, we carted the babies (in a monsoon) to the pedi yesterday. First things first, they always weigh the babies and all that. Landry weighed 17lb 2oz and Finley weighed 16lb 13oz. I can't remember what their length and head measurements were. But the big news is that Landry finally hit the growth curve! He was in the 10th percentile for height/weight/head. Previously, he had been growing on his own little curve but it was a little less than the 'normal' curve. Finley is in the 25th% for height/weight and 50th% for head. (for the record I think it's all the hair that makes her look like she has a big noggin'). We had a lot of questions going in to this appt. So we nailed the doctor with our crazy list of questions. (P.S. I always tell new parents, make sure you love your pedi and they are patient with you. Our def is and I am very thankful for that) By the end of the appointment we ended with having to have Landry's finger pricked and having to have blood drawn sometime in the next week or so. The finger prick was to check his iron levels and the blood draw will be to check for food allergies. They are also going to be keeping an eye of Finley because she stands/walks on her tip-toes all the time. They are also going to keep an eye on Landry's speech. I think all of which is just pre-caution. Our finger prick b/w came back perfect. We'll go sometime in the next week for allergies and I'll report back for that.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! We have gotten more rain than necessary the past few days. I know that are some of you that wishes you had rain instead of snow!


Charis said…
Our babies have their appointments this week. I am interested to know what questions you have/had. I want to be sure I get all my info when I am there. PS Did I ever mention that Andrew's middle name is Knox ;-)

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