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So every now and then I like to say hello to my readers, followers and friends and just take a moment to get to know about you. Maybe you've just started reading or been following for a while. Maybe you've let me a note or maybe not. Either way this is my chance to get to know all of you out there. Also I blog about the babes a lot but I realize most of you may not even know me! So here's a little bit about me that your may not know. . . .

- i grew up in a really small town
- i'm an only child of my parents but have 1 half brother and 2 half sisters
- i have 3 nieces, 4 nephews, 1 great-niece, & 2 great-nephews
- i met dalyn when i was a sophomore in high school
- we have been dating 11 years in April
- we did the long-distance thing for 1 1/2 years
- my mom passed away when I was 20, 6 months before I got married
- she was my entire world! and i miss her everyday.
- dalyn and i were married in august 2005
- we lived 6 hours apart for the first 4 months of our marriage
- we have lived in Nashville & Knoxville TN and Greenville, NC
- i have a bachelors degree in business admin with concentration in accting but i care none for accting.
- i love to read but don't get the chance. i adore nicholas sparks
- i also love to knit but haven't knit anything since we moved back to NC
- i love to take pictures but don't have a good eye for photography, so i mostly just do it for fun
- my most favorite past-time is snowboarding and i plan to get the babies on the slopes at a very young age. there is no place i find more relaxing
- i love clean sheets and cold pillowcases
- i love when my house is clean but now-a-days it very rarely stays that way
- my favorite food is pizza! i could eat it like 7 days a week
- i only every wanted two kids in life but now we may have one more
- i always had a weird feeling i would have twins and knew the day i got my positive test i was pregnant with twins

So there are a few things about me. I'm sure there is so much more but I'll stop boring you now. So if you want stop by, leave me a comment and say hi! Tell me a little about yourself if I don't already know you! If we are FIRL, just take a sec to say hi! Thanks for reading and being interested in me and my little family! I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.


Ashley said…
So fun following you! Thanks for sharing all the fun facts about YOU! You are fabulous!
Alex Accornero said…
Hey Jess!!!! I'm just stopping by to say hey! I'm going to just follow along with some of your bullet points because I have no idea where to start. :)

-I grew up in Northern California for 17 years and then moved to San Diego where I currently am for college.
-I am the youngest of three (two older brothers) and my parents got divorced when I was 13 years old.
-My best friend, Korrine, died of cancer when I was 16 and she was 14. That was one of the hardest things in my life especially since I was still coping with my parents' divorce.
-I am a pre-nursing major at San Diego State and will probably be here a couple more years.
-After I graduate, I would love to move to Colorado where it's a lot cheaper to live!
-I'm on the women's rowing team here at SDSU (division 1) which takes up a lot of my time! I love being a collegiate athlete though! :)

Hope that helps a little. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!
WantWait&Pray said…
Hi dear!
Love hearing more about you! Hope you're doing great! :-)
Can't believe you're babies are almost 9 mos!!!!!!
Sarah said…
I just started reading your blog. I am Sarah, from Morganton, NC.
- I am 30, married with 2 chidlren.
- My son is almost 22 months and my daughter is 15 weeks. Crazy I know.
- I live about 15 mintues from my wonderful parents.
- I have 2 sisters, 1 older and 1 younger. Both are married and my older sister has 3 children.
- My nephew is 7 and my twin nieces are 4.
- My dad is also a twin.
- I am the 1st female on my dad's side of the family that didn't have twins with my 2nd pregnancy.
- I love to read, my fav is Nora Roberts ad Nicholas Sparks (becasue his are set in NC), but haven't had time since my daughter was born.
Trudi and Keith said…

I've read your blog for a while, through AP's blog. I grew up in South Africa, but have been in the US longer than SA, though SA still feels like "home." Met my husband in college, and except for one year (when I had to go be wild and free) we've been together. I have one sister, she's 4 years older and is the person we call BellyMomma, since she was our gestational carrier. I'm a science teacher, but currently teach and run the educational programming at a federal agency in Atlanta's museum.

and I too knew I would have twins!
Julia said…
Hey Jessica! I so love posts like this! Amen to clean sheets and cold pillow cases!

I wanted to tell you, I awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award.

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