what is happening in our house?

For a good while Landry has been really interested in seeing out his crib. He's always popping his head over or peeping through the rails. Only recently has Finley decided she really enjoys it too. A few nights ago we went in and Landry had pulled up to his knees and was looking out. We didn't think a lot of it but said we would go ahead and lower his crib this weekend. So yesterday we were trying to clean house before we head out of town, I always like to vacuum while the babies are down that way I don't stir up dust while they are around. I could hear the babies awake, chatting so I decided I would finish vacuuming really quick and Dalyn said he would go in a play with them until I was done. As I hear him walk in the door I hear him say, 'jess, come here hurry.' I dropped the vacuum and rushed in to find this . . . . . 

Needless to say we spent the rest of yesterday afternoon lowering two cribs. I cannot believe how fast they are growing and changing. Oh and I don't think I've mentioned that they are now taking baths likes big kids. 

I will admit although they seem to be growing up so fast I'm loving the stage. They are starting to be so much fun. I can't wait for Christmas presents this week!!! 

In case I don't get to blog for the rest of the week, everyone have a safe week!!! And a very very Merry Christmas!


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