a day in the life. . .

of a crawler.

trying to find mommy.
found her
 trying to get mommies camera
no such luck


what's in here?

can i go mom?

i think i found something

is she looking?

okay busted

let's see what else is out there

It's so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that my 6, almost 7, month olds are crawling. They've both been doing the army crawl since right before Thanksgiving but this week Landry has decided to give all fours a try. He's doing great except when he gets his legs going faster than his arms. But he's getting there and soon I think he'll be going everywhere at the speed of light. Finley is still army crawling but she is FAST now so I don't know if she'll attempt all fours.

They have both also started sitting unassisted pretty good this week. They could do it for a few seconds before but I would by no means turn my head even for a second. But now I've noticed they are starting to balance themselves back if they get to leaning and Finley has even learned to go from sitting to crawling. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY BABIES?? Pretty soon they're going to be asking to borrow the car. It seems like everyday they wake up doing something new and I just can't keep up writing it all down. I'm definitely going to have to stop waiting for their monthly post because by then its really left my brain.


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