Closing It Down

2010 that is. We never make big plans for New Years; don't know why really. I kept saying before I had kids I was going to NYC, well that clearly didn't happen. Maybe when the babies get old enough to where I'm comfortable leaving then longer than 10 minutes we will venture up.

As I look forward to 2011 I have so many thoughts in my head. Since I've happened upon becoming a SAHM, in trying to decide what to do going forward in 2011. I always assumed I would have to return to work after my children were born however at the moment we're making it. And while I continue to look for a job its just not out there right now. For a good while now I've been thinking about opening an etsy store. I have about a billion craft ideas that I've either written down or thought of and well what better way to make some side money than to share my creations. But I always wonder, would it make it? Would people want my hand-made stuff? Would I end up giving up? While its not a huge risk, it still kind of is. Its time, effort and money. It would cost me some money to invest to get supplies to get some items going. It would cost me a lot of time. But on the time aspect, at least it would be on my own time. And at least I could be home with my babies. Then I question, should I leave this idea in the dust and just continue to look for a job. I've been praying a lot. Dalyn and I know that we have a most a year and half in Greenville after January. So at this point is it really worth committing to a new job, knowing that I'm going to be leaving in just a short time.

That's where you all come in. Do any of you have etsy stores? Was it hard to get it started? What advice would you give me? If you don't have a store, do you shop etsy? Have you ever heard of etsy? Would you be more or less likely to buy from someone you know? If you've purchased from etsy, what type of products have you purchased? Any other info you are willing to give me would be great!!

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