Okay so it's actual no catchy acronym. I just though I would do a quick update post of our experience with solids so far. I decided I would introduce one new food a week and we normally do it on Fridays or Saturdays, that way if their happen to be an adverse reaction Dalyn would be here for back up. So far we've introduced Bananas and Sweet Potatoes. They had previously had peaches, as our pedi gave us an ok to add a little bit to their cereal. We first introduced sweet potatoes on October 9 and then bananas on October 16. Here were the reactions we got. . . .
sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes



We were also feeding in their bouncers as you can see, however the more they kick, the more they bounce and our messes were just growing and growing, so I decided it was time they move to their highchairs and they really seem to love them. I also thought I would share pics of that new experience too.

Next up this week, we're thinking peas. YUM!!


Kendra said…
Fun stuff =) I feel like I should be wearing a poncho when I feed my babes =)
Lucky Jones said…
Dylan and Riley LOVE peas! I made some and froze them in ice cube trays & put them in those baby safe feeders for them... So cute!!!
Jessica said…
Kendra I feel the same way!!

Lucky, how do those baby safe feeders work?? Finley has ZERO patience with me feeding them both and I normally cave and give her a bottle so she will stop screaming at me. I've been looking at them but didn't know how well they would work.

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