no peas please

This week we tried peas and let me tell you we do not like peas!!! Landry will eat about 3 bites and then start gagging. Finley (the household drama queen) doesn't even get a small taste and it try to puke everywhere. I read that it takes an average of 7 days for babies to develop tastes for new foods, so we've continued to try and feed a bite or two everyday since Friday with the same reaction. I even tried mixing it with their cereal and got the same results. So I don't know if its the taste, texture or what. Maybe they'll warm up eventually. Here are some pictures we snapped.

Daddy thought they just looked gross

First reaction, not bad

Final Verdict, gross mommy

Eager for a bite

Not so good

Priceless. YUCK!

We're thinking pears or apples this week. Hopefully they will get a better reaction.


Amy said…
Apples have been VERY popular in our house. Owen laughs everytime he takes a bite. They both do that dramatic whole body gagging on the first bite of anything. Pretty funny. It looks like your babies are doing great!
Jessica said…
Peas aren't sweet, duh! Right now, your babies taste buds are more inclined for the sweet foods. Keep trying...I can't remember when taste buds start to mature!
ap said…
GREAT pics! Too funny!
I agree with your husband...I think they look and smell gross!

Pears have been a HUGE success here!

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