Crawling By . . . .

That was my original thought. 

But the way this little girl is moving, we may be looking at Thanksgiving.

She is definitely a mover.  This isn't the best example, my videographer skills stink. Every time I reach for the camera all evidence of anything quickly stops. But you get the idea a little. Hopefully, I'll get a better one soon. 


WantWait&Pray said…
Unreal! Your babies are SO mobile..they have been since the get go! Awesome! If I can get mine to lay on their bellies for 10 minutes before they freak out...they do just that....lay! They have very little interest in their tummies. So...I think ours will be sitting up and getting into a crawling position like that vs. their tummy. They just DO NOT like laying like that! :-(
PS- LOVE those little ruffle butt pants! Such a doll!

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