Blogtober the 9th .::.A Struggle.::.

Of all the things I thought I 'might' struggle with being a mom I definitely never expected this one. And had never really discussed or admitted it until a friend in Knoxville with twins mentioned she struggled with it a lot with her kids.

I find that I constantly comparing my kiddos to each other and even those babies around their age.

Now, our doctor has assured me several times that even though they were born several weeks early, they are still hitting all the milestones they should as almost 5 month olds. But it started early, Landry started smiling in response WAY before Finley. He also laughed out loud before she did. Now, she is rolling around like crazy and he's yet to show any interest in rolling. So I'm constantly worrying if there's a reason he's doing it and she's not or that she's doing it and he's not. I struggle to remind myself that they are two DIFFERENT, INDIVIDUAL babies. I constantly try to remind myself that I'm very lucky they were so healthy from birth and have continued to be. And that every baby is different and will progress at their own rate.

Now I find myself questioning, will this continue for the rest of their lives? What happens when one crawls before the other? Walks before the other? Talks before the other? Can say their ABCs before the other? See where I'm going? It could get obsessive.

But Dalyn and I have talked many times about allowing the babies to be who they want and become their own individuals. And I think part of that is allowing them to grow and develop at their own pace. So I try to keep my stressing to a minimum and know they'll learn at their own pace. They are definitely two very different little people already!

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Julia said…
Yup, I definitely have that. The girls certainly are developing differently. One will pick one thing up, and the other will pick up something different. It's hard to rest easy. Moms of singletons don't have anything to compare it to, unless they are around other babies the same age, but even then they only have to see it when they are around those babies. We get it every day, all the time, because the twins are always together.

You're doing a great job, Mama! It sounds like Finley and Landry are right on target!

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