Blogtober the 4th .::.Introduction.::.

 So I ran across a blog that was doing a 'blogtober' where they post everyday for the month of October. Clearly since its October 4 I'm a few days late but I thought what a neat idea it would be. I mean I've tried to blog as much as I can since the babies were born but sometimes there just isn't time. And sometimes when there is time I'd rather be doing something else. I can blog from my phone so its easy to do it anywhere, anytime. So no excuses for October I'm going to blog at least once a day. . . .

Who can't get enough of these sweet cheeks??? Mommy!!!

I want to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend but we got almost 25" of rain since last Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly 25". Tropical storm Nicole surprised everyone with insane amounts of rainfall. So needless to say it was a little soggy here. Oh and it also turned really cold, really fast and we had no cold weather clothes washed and ready. Hopefully we'll get to go next weekend. I can't pass up adorable pumpkin pictures of my munchkins. 


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