Blogtober the 13th .::.A Family Of Sorts.::.

So after being on this blog for a good while and going through infertility with so many of you who now have babies I got to thinking about everything this blog had provided me. When I started it, it took me a while to really open up about what we were going through. And I started it without knowing if anyone would care and if anyone would read it. Then as I got more into the blogging world I realized that I wasn't the only one and my situation was far from as bad and it could be.  I started looking back over some of my previous posts and also some of the previous posts from blogs i follow and I realized that we've become a family of sorts.

Now most of you I've never even talked to but I feel like if you put us in a room together we could talk for hours. So I got to thinking how neat it would be to meet everyone. I know I live very close to some of your so a random weekend get-together wouldn't be so far out of the question but then I know others of you live so far away. How neat would it be to have a MoM after infertility get-away?!? Even more interesting, getting all of our kids together in one place? Talk about overload for people who can't get enough of multiples anyways.

Either way I mainly just wanted to thank you all. For sharing infertility. For sharing the downs. For sharing the ups. For sharing pregnancy. For sharing motherhood. And for continuing to share. I feel very fortunate to have contact with you all.


Amy said…
Happy 5 months, Finley and Landry!

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