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So I've decided I probably won't be making my own baby food. As much as I'd love to, I just don't know that I have the time I'd like to be able to devote. Since I've decided that I have been researching organic baby food. I ran across an article from mayo clinic saying there was no proof that organic was any healthier than regular food. So it left me wondering if I should spend the extra $ on organic. I think out of all the brands I researched I really like Earths Best. They seem to have the most variety, which I REALLY like. All in all with the several coupons I have its not to much more expensive than regular ol' Gerber. And no matter whether its really any 'healthier' I feel better about it! The other thing I really like about Earth's Best is on their website is a schedule of sorts on how and when to introduce foods. So I'll keep you guys updated on if I like it or not.

Also, we've recently been having a bed wetting problem. LOL I know you may ask, already? Well for about the last two weeks the babies schedule has started to change some. They have started going down about 8:30-9:00 and have been sleeping until about 7:30. They had been going down about 7 and doing a sleepy feed around 10:30-11. Well, now that they are sleeping about 11 hours at night Landry has been pretty consistently peeing out of his diapers. Obviously, I don't want to change him half way through the night and wake him up but I don't know what to do. We never have the problem during the day so I know its only because him diapers can't hold that much. He's currently in size 2 and they fit him perfectly, so should we upgrade to size 3 at night? Or should we switch him to a diaper that's strictly for the night time? Do they even have night time diapers is size 2? Have any of you ever had this problem? If so what did you do for a solution?

Lastly, tomorrow I have 5 month olds. I know I swear each month that goes by I question where is time going. But, really, where is it going? I'm working on their 5 month post now. Although each month that passes makes getting pictures of two constantly moving babies impossible.


ap said…
I so love your new blogging gusto! Kudos to you!

Not sure about the diapers...let us know if something works...we have had a few of those...but more with Caroline. Someone once told me to put the diaper on backwards...don't know if it works though.

I'm with you on the Earth's Best. For all of the same reasons.

Isn't it weird how time can go so fast and slow at the same time? P and C...6 months tomorrow!

Happy 5 Month Birthday F and L! :)
Amy said…
Did you get the Earth's Best coupon from BRU? I think it was $5 off?? So far, mine are not to fond of baby food. We'll keep trying.

About diapers...what if you try the size 2/3 by Pampers. I love the half sizes. They have worked so well, especially for O. Although the half sizes only come in swaddlers. I really prefer baby dry.

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