Blogtober the 10th .::.10.10.10.::.

No clever post here. Since my babies turn 5 mos old this week I actually thought I would share a picture of our 'other' babies. Our fur babies. They use to be all we had. They use to be our lives. We use to buy them excessive stuff at petsmart, similar to our obsession with BRU now. Needless to say, they've taken a way back seat since the babies arrive. Of course we still try to give them as much attention as possible but sometimes I go to bed wondering if I even took a second to pet one of them all day. Sad! I know. They love the babies though and I think in a few short months we will have 2 babies and 3 dogs that are living in perfect harmony. Until then and before you call the humane society, could this life be really all that bad . . .

Do I hear jealous barks from doggies everywhere?? LOL!!!

See how bad he has it?

Oh and her too

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