Everyday Changes

It seems like at this stage my sweet babies are changing almost by the hour. Just in the last week or so Finley has started rolling from her belly to her back, both babies gave us a real genuine giggle, both are chatty like crazy, Landry has started to act like he wants to hold his bottle but I think the most rewarding for us was when they discovered each other existed. They still don't really know what to do about it but just stare and smile but it's precious either way.

On another note last Thursday we packed up the car and made the 6 hour (which after babies became 8 hours) trip home to western nc. I was a nervous wreck. I was scared about every aspect, riding, feeding on the road, screaming babies for 8 hours, forgetting something important, how the babies would sleep/adjust. And I have to admit we had a few breakdowns here and there but it was overall a very successful trip. And makes me rest a little more at ease for our extended vacation of 10 days during September. Although this trip throws us being in a hotel most of the time which is a new aspect to scare me. I have a ton of pictures of the babies meeting their families I hope to get posted today. And also a update to the double stroller debate!

In the meantime, we recently introduced cereal because the babies just didn't seem like they were staying satisfied with formula. So I wanted to share this cute video I took of Finley yesterday. After initially being the hesitant one about it she become the big fan.

YouTube Video

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Charis said…
Looks like she loves it ;-) Glad rice cereal was a success!!! What a darling girl and I love all her HAIR! Too cute!
Amy said…
OH, I am so ready to give cereal a try, especially for O. Ours have also started to notice each other and grab at the other's hands.

Congrats on a successful road trip. Our first trip is in October. I feel like I need to start making a packing list now. Talk about anxiety.

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