Double Stroller Update

So after much debate we finally settled on a double stroller. We ended up with the Baby Jogger City Select. One of the main reason we loved it is 1) it wasn't side by side which I was terrified of 2) it has a billion different seating options and 3) we can use it later if we have another baby. It is so easy to handle and although its still a bit heavy I can get it in in and out of the car with ease. Best of all the babies seem to LOVE it so far!! I went to snap a couple of pics of them in it yesterday and you might know my camera battery is completely dead so once I get it charged back up I'll snap a few.

Oh and side note. It does plainly state on the box that this stroller is not for running. But I had to be honest with myself. I loathe running. Always have. Always will. So I decided that wasn't going to be my main reason for not purchasing this stroller. Its likely to be strolled more around the mall than around the neighborhood so I bought it anyways. It has however made a few brisk walks around the neighborhood and it's still great. Hope this helps if any of you are looking for a double stroller.


Amy said…
It sounds like you made a good choice. I can't wait to hear which configurations you and the babies like best. That stroller interests me. I wonder if I could convince Jon for just one more stroller??? They all have such different uses.

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