Babies' Meet Their Family {part two}

Meeting great-grandmother Henry (my grandmother)
My precious great-neice Emily
My aunt Barbara
Mammaw Henry
Great-Grandma Powell (my grandmother) & Nate
Nate was hesitant but then he drove right in and held them both!
I had to add the funny story to go with this picture. These are Dalyn's parents dogs, Max (yellow lab in the bottom right) and Shay ( choc lab under the chair. Max was so interested in the babies all weekend and Shay paid them no attention at all. We got home Saturday night and Landry was asleep so we just sat him in his car seat in the chair. Well of course Max was attempting to go smell of him when Shay went over and laid down in front of the chair so Max couldn't get to him. See Max is scared to death of Shay. So after paying them no attention she felt the need to protect him while he was sleeping.
Landry riding Big Papi's tractor
Family Pic

We had a wonderful trip and are headed back for an extended stay in just a few weeks. We are also headed to Knoxville to introduce the babies to some more new people. They are so extremely blessed with a huge circle of people who love them. We are looking forward to our extended vacation in two weeks. 


Anonymous said…
Your babies are so beautiful!!!! I have been following your blog for months!! Love it!! Keep the pictures coming!! God is sooo good!!!
Amy said…
It looks like you had a great vacation. Your family picture is wonderful.

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