Sweet Cheeks

the babies are napping
the house is clean
the laundry is done
dinner is fixed
after a rough night, momma should be napping
but instead i thought i would have show and tell
These are just a couple of the pictures we got to see from our newborn sessions and we cannot wait to see the rest.


Jules said…
Way to go, Mama! I don't think I've ever managed to have all those things accomplished all in one day, and our twins are five months tomorrow!
WantWait&Pray said…
YAY! I love the pics! So beautiful! And I do the SAME thing- does your husband get on your case about it? Babies are napping, diaper area is re-stacked, laundry done and put away and instead of sleeping......I'm online! Ha! Dying to know what a day to day looks like for you guys, so email me soon! It's getting a bit easier day by day- and more enjoyable as they become more like little "people".

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