Just about a week shy of their 2 mo birthday and their have been some big milestones in my babies lives.

Okay, maybe one big, huge, major one. . .

They spend the first night in their nurseries!!

I never thought this would as big of a deal as it was. Our original plan was to keep the babies in their packnplays in our room for a couple of weeks and then go ahead and move them over. This momma however became very attached to having them in our bedroom. My husband kept telling me we had to set a 'goal date.' And so I did. But then Tuesday night as were we doing I bed time routine I mentioned something about them sleeping in their nursery and well that's were they ended up.

They were champs and slept great, it was momma who had the sleepless night. Last night they slept even better, only waking up once to feed at 3:30 this morning. I have a feeling it won't be long before they are sleeping through the night.

Our next big milestone is that both babies are starting to smile in response to you. It happened out of no where and boy can it make your heart melt. I will post a couple of pictures I've captured from my iPhone. They aren't good quality but you can get the idea.

And our last milestone happened just this morning. My boy is a belly sleeper. Yes, I know its not good but we have an excellent monitor that detects movement and alarms if no movement is felt. So I feel fairly confident with the monitor. Well, this morning I heard him fussing around in there and when I go in to check on him, he was one his back! I was amazed. Is it really time for that? Maybe it was just a one time thing and won't happen again for a while? Either way it makes me feel like my babies are growing up already.

Okay stay tuned, pics to follow. . .


ap said…
Awesome pics...isn't it the best?

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