Random Ramblings

I am still alive!
I finally have a moment to blog. . .
it could be short-lived.

We've had visitors over the past two weeks.
Great-grandma & Great-uncle Richard came to visit. . . . . . .
Nana and Big Papi came about a week later . . . . . . . .
We celebrated Daddy's first fathers day. . . . . . .
(oh yeah, mommy chopped all her hair off)

The babies had their first beach trip . . . . . . . .
okay it won't let me upload my last pic. edit to come

So momma is:
exhausted! but so blessed.

Landry almost experienced his first trip to the ER.
He cried screamed from 9pm-12am.
Momma tried her bag of tricks, Daddy tried his, Nana tried hers.
Our last resort before the ER, car ride. As momma went to put him in he fell fast asleep.
Momma cried, it broke her heart.
Next day, we switched formulas; now we're dealing with constipation.
But we see an end in sight!

Next night, Finley chokes on her medicine and stops breathing.
Daddy saves the day, momma cried again.
Two 'almost' trips to the ER in two days

So momma is:
frazzled, completely!

Oh and p.s. top it off with 30 Avent bottles that leak everywhere at each feeding.
And momma is:
really ticked off

But in all the happenings I am:
blessed beyond belief
in total awe and amazement
very thankful and
crazy in love

Life with twins is BETTER than I could've every imagined.


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