Mommy Must-haves {Part 2}

Two new items that I've recently discovered I can't live without.

Beco Baby Carrier

We tried the Moby wrap. Didn't work.
We tried Ergo baby. To hot for infants in 100+ degree heat!
We tried beco and LOVE it! And it comes with everything you need.
You can't see it that well but you can see my sleeping sweet pea. It was a hit for her too!!

Angelcare Movement MonitorThe babies aren't sleeping in the nursery yet. But they do nap there during the day.
I love that this senses movement and alarms when no movement is detected. Talk about a little extra peace of mind. Also the sound is great and has great range. Downside~with twins we had to buy two but they were well worth it.


Robertsons said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Angelcare monitor. I used the sensor pad up until the summer thunderstorms started recently. If she got out of bed in the middle of the night, it would give her the warning beep and she'd crawl back in. Either that or she'd run to our room yelling, "Sorry Mommy!"

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