Happy Due Date

Yesterday was our official 'due date' but I must say I could not have imagined waiting this long to meet my two tiny miracles. I think tell Dalyn a billion times a day what amazing blessings we have and how I still can't believe they are here. I treasure every single moment with them, even those sleepless nights when all I want is just 1/2 hour of sleep (which thankfully have been few). We have been so blessed to have two very content babies, they stay on their schedule perfectly and only ever really fuss if they need something. I feel like I am still learning their cries but have them pretty much figured out. Everyone thinks its so amazing how after so little time I can already tell which baby is crying. I think I had that figured out by like day 3. I am enjoying our bonding moments and how sometimes the only thing that calms them is mommies touch.

I have never had a more enjoyable, rewarding job then the one I have now!


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