Busy Bees

We've been busy the last couple of days with doctors appointments for both me and Landry. My boy weighs just over 8 lbs now. He had a bout with constipation so we took him in to be checked out. They said to give him prune juice, which I was convinced he would hate but he LOVED it!! I've never seem him suck an ounce out of a bottle so fast. The good news is that we got the results we were looking for out of it! I never knew poop would be such a big deal in our lives. I want to write more later about my appointment but for now I had to leave you with this picture.

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Vanessa said…
Oh my goodness, they're adorable! Where did you get her dress I love it :)
Jessica said…
thanks, i think so too!! i got it from carter's but i swear every last person ask me if she was a boy yesterday. and she even had a pink paci in :-)

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