Pregnancy - Week 30

How far along: 30 Weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: 45lbs. I've stayed right about this mark for two weeks. I think mainly because I've been home, so I haven't been expending as much energy so I haven't been eating as much.
Maternity clothes: At this point I think this is kind of a silly question! I'm now having to buy bigger sized maternity clothes!
Stretch marks: Yes, ugh :-( I have them on the lower part of my belly. I'm not thrilled about them but I'm starting to accept that its just part of carrying two healthy babies.
Sleeping: What's sleep? Seriously, I wouldn't consider what I do now sleep. I more or less nap now at night. I slept the other night for 3 straight hours and I felt like a brand new woman when I woke up.
Best moment last week: Spending the weekend with my in-laws and making last minute preparations for the babies. Also getting to see the babies!! They amaze me more and more each time I see them.
Symptoms: Lack of energy, contractions, aches and pains, loads of trips to the bathroom, lack of sleep, acid reflux. I could really go on for days.
Food cravings: I currently love any type of orange flavored drink. I had gotten to where I was drinking tons of gatorade but it was causing me to swell like a balloon. You wouldn't believe the sodium content in gatorade. So now I'm make orange Koolade. I don't know how much better it is but I try not to add as much sugar.
Food aversions: Nothing
I miss: being able to do things for myself. It seems like more and more I'm becoming dependent on Dalyn.
What I am looking forward to: Getting to 32 weeks! But really my goal is 5 more weeks. Some days I feel like I can totally do it and others it seems like an impossible challenge.
Body Changes: What about my body hasn't changed. So many people tell me that I look like nothing about my body has changed but that I just have a belly. I on the other hand feel like everything is changing. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day and I almost didn't recognize myself.
Other Thoughts: I have said many times that I absolutely adore being pregnant. I have tried to enjoy every last moment just in case this is the last time I ever do it. I know that I'll miss feeling them and having them with me every moment once they arrive but honestly I feel done. I want to have them here and hold them and just know that they are healthy. I know this point it just a matter of will power. Its a mind game and I just don't know how prepared I am to play the game.


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