Hospital Update

So I've been wanting to update but where in the world does time go when you in the hospital and all you have is time. I have no idea but it is certainly impossible. So here's the happening since Wednesday. I had a fairly uneventful day and finished doing my 24 hour urine. I didn't have lots of contractions so they went ahead and took me off the monitor Wednesday night so I could get some sleep. The plan was if everything went ok with the urine I'd be able to go home sometime on Thursday but on bedrest. Well, they took my urine up about 10:30pm Wednesday night and said it would be sometime before I got it back . About 3 or so when my nurse came in I asked her if the results were back, she said yes and that they were high. Now so much has happened since then I can't remember what the results even were. So I went back to sleep having a pretty good feeling we might not be going home on Thursday. Little did I know chaos was going to ensue.

About 7 am when our nurses changed my new nurse came in to do vitals and I went ahead and got up to use the bathroom. Well I mentioned to her I was having some contractions but was still kind of punch drunk from the ambien they had given me. She decided to go ahead and hook me up to the monitor. Turns out my contractions were labor and they were coming every 2-3 minutes. She paged the doctor and stayed by my side almost constantly until the doctor got there. This continued to be complete chaos for the next little bit. They started pumping me with fluids, ampicilian(sp but its an antibiotic), procardia, and morphine. They were doing everything in their power to stop it. Of course they checked me and I was about 1 cm and 80% effaced. They also did a u/s to check baby positions. Things were moving so fast that I thought maybe we were defiantly in for babies. After about 1 1/2 hours things started to slow down some and I think everyone started to breath a little easier. My doctor hung and nurse both stayed really close for the next few hours. Everything calmed down until about 2pm and then things started flaring up again. They got things under control again and started giving me the procardia every 6 hours. Thursday afternoon and night ensued with very little drama. Yesterday also stayed pretty drama free until about 9 pm last night when things kicked back up again. They gave me my procardia and a ambien last night and things slowed down again. I got some really good sleep last night.

This morning my hubby and I got up and I ventured to the cafeteria for some breakfast. My doctor let us know she was going to take us off the procardia today because she was afraid it was masking the pre-eclampsia. So far its been a little less than 8 hours and things haven't gotten out of hand again yet. She said sometime it just takes that little bit to turn off the switch and then your fine for another week or so. She did say if she went to Vegas tomorrow she wouldn't put a penny on us making it much past 37 weeks. I think without the procardia we'll be lucky to make it to 35 weeks but I guess we'll see. We also had another u/s today and they did the kiddos bio-physical profiles. Both babies are head down and then plain for now is to try and labor and just see how things go. Baby A has her head so far down they had to lay be back with my feet up in the air to even see her whole head. She weighs 5 lbs 2 oz. Baby B has his head right by her chest, lined up ready to make her entrance as soon as she does. He weights 5 lbs 3 oz. The u/s tech did say that to her they actually look a tiny bit bigger than that. So that makes mommy pretty happy. Bio-physical profiles looks at several things, including if they are practicing breathing, muscle tone, movement and the fluid around the babies. Both babies scored 8 out of 8 which is GREAT!! She also checked both their cords and placentas and both of those looked great. So their u/s looked phenomenal, which is such a relief.

The doctor came in late this afternoon and said if my contractions could keep quite for about 24 hours they might look at sending me home tomorrow afternoon. She said that was a huge might and she wouldn't put her 401k on it but just hearing it was a possibility was nice. My amazingly dedicated husband has been here almost non-stop so I know he'd like to get home and get some rest in his own bed. And it certainly would bother me at all either. So that's most of the updates for now. Its dinner time so I'm gonna feed these babies. As soon as I get another free minute I will update again. Please continue to pray for our entire family, mom, dad and babies.


Suzanne said…
After reading this all I can say is PRAISE GOD that you aren't saying all this at 24 or 26 or even 30 weeks! Your are 34 weeks which is so much better than most twin momma's get to! Sit back, enjoy the next few days/weeks! You are going to be a very busy woman soon!! Praying!

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