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So I don't even know where to start. I had been feeling like things were kind of changing but wasn't really for sure. I definitively new my contractions were changing. To this point they had been pretty sporadic and mostly confined to afternoon hours. In about the last week I was getting them all the time and it wasn't just late afternoon. I had an extremely busy weekend including a CPR class, getting the car seats inspected and taking a NICU tour. We also finished up most stuff in the nursery. So yesterday i went off to my normal appointment and was so excited to just get to see the babies. We waited forever but finally got to see the babies. They are getting so big that its hard to really see anything. They both measured 4 lbs 11 oz. So they are getting ever so close to the 5 pound mark. But here's where then appointment starts going down hill. The doctor notices my b/p was still high, 148/91 and there was some protein in my urine. Also with my description in change of contractions he decided to check my cervix, do a fetal fibronectin and also do a NST. He also decided that all that coupled together he felt like we should go ahead and take some steroid shots for their lungs, just as a precaution. My cervix wasn't dilated but it was 60% effaced, which we still haven't gotten much about what this means in terms of possibly going into labor.The NST came back ok and in the office they were picking up a ton of contractions. So they let me go home until after they could get the fetal fibronectin test back.

Test results returned about 5:30 yesterday and I didn't make it to the phone but the doctor was dead set on getting me a hold of me so he left me his cell phone number. At this point I knew it must have bene pretty serious. So when I called him back he informed me my fetal fibronection test was positive. Which basically in a nut shell means that I have a good chance of going into labor over the next two weeks. So with contractions, bp and the positive he decided it would be the best idea to go ahead and admit us to the hospital for monitoring. So about 7 pm last night we got checked in the hospital. When I got here my bp was 163/91. They gave me two pills to try and stop contractions. By the time I had gotten here I was having around 8-10 an hour. At least I wasn't dreaming it up. So here we are hanging out in the hospital. Will probably be here through at least tomorrow but we'll see. Its all in God's hands. The steroids will take full effect on the babies lungs Thursday so I'm hoping things will hold off until then at least. I will be sure to keep everyone updated but please keep us in your prayers at it looks like we'll probably be meeting these little munchkin's sooner rather than later.


WantWait&Pray said…
WOWSA- not what I was expecting when I opened this post. Just try to relax and know that the babies have an agenda of their own....they will come when they feel the time is right and you'll have a HUGE staff of people to help them along if they need it. I hope you are comfortable and able to relax while in the hospital. I found that I couldn't read or focus on much....so watching mindless tv was the way to go. If you're up to emailing, send me an email to keep me posted on things. Saying prayers for you and babies. They're healthy, great weights and even if they come in a week.....they'll be PERFECT! I feel like, despite my contractions, mine will NEVER come! I don't know why but I feel like with the whole scare at 25 weeks....they'll probably stay put forever now! haha. Thinking and praying for you my dear!~

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