Doctor's Appointment - 32 weeks, 3 days

I went to the doctor today for my normal weekly appointment. Never mind the fact that I have been battling a massive cold that has left me feeling miserable. I think I barely got out of bed yesterday, so I was relieved to be going to the doctor today. I told him I was afraid the babies would come and they wouldn't let me in to see them so he loaded me up on some anti-bodics. It was pretty much just a routine visit. My blood pressure was 140/83 which wasn't bad however the protein in my urine was a little more this week so they decided to go ahead and do blood work. I think he also just wanted to take precaution and check my blood count since I was battling this cold. He asked if I was feeling a lot of movement out of the munchkins, which I am. However, it has slowed down a lot this week. He said that was normal that they were just running out of room. We talked about delivery and he said next week we would schedule my c-section. He said tentatively it would be sometime around mid May. I asked him if he thought I would make it that long and he quickly responded back 'no.' So I told him my goal was first week in May and asked him if he thought I would make it there and he shrugged his shoulders and said its hit or miss. So this afternoon I've gotten the babies bag packed and am working on mine, just in case. I still seem to feel like I'll make it for a few more weeks but we'll see. Next week I'll have another growth scan so I think I will be able to rest a little more at ease after that.

Pray for my goal of the first week in May!!


WantWait&Pray said…
YAY we're 32 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! My Dr wouldn't schedule my c-section until 38 weeks. Ugh, that's forever away! I'm not sure I'll make it that long though since I'll be stopping my contraction medication at 35 weeks. Right now, our motto in this house is "Pray for May". If we can make it through May- I'll feel SO good about the babies being bigger/healthier and with a shorter stay in the NICU. I'll "pray for May" for you too! :-) Oh quick ?...why doesn't your Dr think you'll make it that far? Just b/c you're small and the babies are getting bigger? I'm just curious- my cervix has been holding up so besides my contractions...I feel like I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER
Jessica said…

This is important: in one of those're gonna need to put together a list for Dalyn; this list needs to be of all the people he has to call/text when the babies are coming. I expect to be somewhere after your family but before Elly!


Amber Stogner said…
I Say Mother's Day sounds like a good day to have them =)

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