Last Friday my hubby convinced me to come in to work in order to attend CPR training. Of course being in the medical field he's pretty knowledgeable and just needed to be re-certified. I had been certified but it had been years so I needed a refresher. I agreed with the agreement that our instructor wouldn't make me over do it. She was great with me and in the end I was soooo happy I ended up doing it. While I don't know how well I could keep my cool if something happened to the babies I know I'm a little more prepared if it does.

That afternoon we had scheduled a tour of the NICU at our local hospital. Of course we hope we don't have to use it and our babies can go to the regular nursery but I wanted to be prepared for what would be in store just in case. It was so sad and I'm not gonna lie I cried. But I felt so much more prepared once I left. I think had the first time I walked in there been when my babies were in there I would have been a total basket case. So it was good that we decided to go ahead of time. But let's just keep our fingers crossed that Landry and Finley make it long enough that they don't have to spend anytime there.


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