Pregnancy - Week 27-29 Recap

Okay so the last few weeks have flown by to say the least. Between being taken out of work part time to full time to doctor's appointments to everything else going on I have been going non-stop. This weekend it has officially caught up to me!! But I'm happy to report through all the contractions, uncomfortableness, sleepless nights, etc I'm still pregnant and 30 weeks!! I don't have a ton of changes to report between the last few weeks, thank goodness. I've been having lots of sleepless nights. Which means working from home has definitely had its advantages over the last few weeks. I've been sleeping in and normally taking a nap around 2-3pm which leaves me feeling much more human. Is this my bodies way of preparing me for the twins?? I've been having lots of contractions at night, which my doc says is pretty normal. My only other new symptom or new complaint is migraines. I had migraines before I got pregnant but hadn't had one since I'd been pregnant, now I'm having about one a week! The doctor's gave me some pretty good medicine that actually works better than my pre-pregnancy migraine medicine.

I'm starting to really look forward to the babies being here. I know I will miss pregnancy but I'm ready to have them safe and sound in my arms. I'm also starting to really get nervous about everything becoming a twin mommy entails. I'm nervous about giving birth, breastfeeding, bringing them home, EVERYTHING!! Its all of the sudden becoming very surreal that my dream of being a mommy is actually coming true!!

I have so much more updating to do, including nursery pics and our last baby shower. I'm hoping to get it posted in the next few days but thank you cards are my top priority right now!!


Robertsons said…
What's the name of your migraine medicine? I can't take my normal stuff and last time all they would prescribe me was narcotics, which I refused to take.
Jessica said…
Fiorcet. I don't know a ton about it but I have been very careful about what I've taken during my pregnancy but after like 3 in a row I broke down and took it the other day and its worked miracles.

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