Doctor's Appointment - 27 Weeks 3 Days

Well ladies and gentlemen, I was officially cut back from work today. I am allowed to be in the office absolutely no more than 20 hours a week. I'm sad, as most of you know my hubby and I work together. Now for most couples this wouldn't be an ideal situation but for us it works perfectly and I actually miss him when he's not around during the days. But as my doctor pointed out, its time for me to solely put all my focus into these babies and getting through the coming weeks. Their target is 36 weeks, which is 9 more weeks, doesn't sound that bad. She said next week she could very well take me out of work all together but we'd play it by the week.

I weighed 157.2 today, so that's a total 42.2 lbs so far. I can tell my weight gain has slowed down tremendously over the last few weeks. I am measuring a little over 33 weeks, which is 6 weeks ahead!! Woah momma!!!! She said if I hit the 36 week mark I would probably measure about 44 weeks or so. That's pretty much all that happen, my bp was great at 122/70.

My next appt is scheduled for next Tuesday I have to do my glucose test then and also have to get my rh negative shot too. Looks like its gonna be a fun day that day! Let's just hope I pass the glucose test.


Ashley said…
Yay Jessica! You are doing so well and I am so happy for you! I can't wait to keep watching as you progress with your two little munchkins! :)

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