Happy New Year's

I haven't made a new year's resolution yet so I don't have anything to post about that but I thought I would update you all on the amazingly productive long weekend the hubby and I have had.

Of course you all know how our day went Thursday. We slept late, which was lovely!! and then we got ready to head off to our appointment. We had several things we wanted to return from Christmas and we wanted to have time to get lunch before our big appointment. First we had lunch at McAlister's, it had been since we lived in Knoxville since we had eaten there and I was craving a Spud!! Next we went to exchange a couple of Pandora beads that I had gotten for Christmas. And then we were off to our appointment. We ended up getting there way early so we sat it the car a just talked for a little while, I love those chats!! Here are some pics we snapped of us right before we went in. Of course after our big news and the appointment we did a little baby shopping but didn't find a whole lot and then we had dinner together to cap off the evening. Being pregnant and tired constantly we came back home and I was fast asleep well before the ball dropped.

Friday we had made plans to head to Raleigh to start our registry. Unfortunately the Babies R Us here is extremely small and I wanted to go to a big one so I could have lots of choices. Let me just tell you, Dalyn and I do not made decisions well so we were in Babies R Us for like 4 hours. I bet we came close to setting a record :-) Although I will say another girl in there was driving me insane. Every time we would go to a section, she would go to a section and just stand there without allowing us to look at anything. I could have screamed by the time we left there. So we came back home and did a mass edit online!! We had previously picked out baby furniture we were pretty set on but then found some in Raleigh that we really like. Unfortunately, they were quite a big more expensive. But we filed those in the back of our minds for future research once we got home. Oh and I also bought a Snoogle while we were registering. I thought maybe it would help me sleep better. Needless to say I returned in on Saturday.We did some more baby shopping and regular shopping and had dinner there before heading back home.

Saturday was a frigid cold day here in Eastern NC. I don't know if I've been in weather this cold in a while, or maybe it was the wind chill. But nevertheless we decided to go out shopping anyways. I wanted to go back and look at the baby furniture we had originally liked, I also wanted to go to Once Upon a Child, back to Babies R Us, to a couple of furniture stores for us and lastly to Wal-Mart so we could do a registry there. So we racked up on some cute baby stuff from Once Upon a Child and Babies R us. We also made a final decision about our nursery furniture. We made a decision about a living room set for us. And last but certainly not least, we think we might have settled on names for the babies!!! For two extremely indecisive people we made a lot of decisions Saturday. Here are the pics of some of the clothes we got for the babies and of the nursery furniture we decided on. Now if we could just find bedding we'd be doing so much better. Oh yeah and we got registered at Wal-Mart yesterday too.

Today hasn't been quite as productive. It is still ever so cold here, so this morning I woke up and made us a big pancake breakfast and we haven't done much since. We watched some football, played some Wii and napped. I've also searched high and low for some baby bedding. If anyone has any suggestions on boy/girl bedding or nursery designs that would match the above furniture, please do share because I'm stuck. All in all we had a fabulous and safe New Year's as we hope you all did too!!!


WantWait&Pray said…
Awww...love the outfits! And love the nursery furniture!
Are you sharing names or keeping them private?

Let me know if have luck with nursery bedding. We need to register soon (first shower is Feb 7th) and I'd like to add bedding but I can't seem to find ANY I like.

Yay....we're almost 20 weeks!!!
Jessica said…
Thanks! Yes, Our girl is Finley Marie and our boy is Landry Knox. I haven't had much luck with bedding. I can't decide whether I want to do neutral bedding with pink/blue accents or do pink or blue bedding with neutral other stuff. Let me know if you find anything too!! I highly recommend Baby Bargains before you go register, it helped us out tons.
Amber Stogner said…
Have you looked at Pottery Barn? that's where I got Caroline's bedding. I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!!

WantWait&Pray said…
YAY!!! I love the names!!! Unique and they go together great!!
I am on the fence too about staying gender neutral with the bedding or going pink/blue. But I am leaning towards doing pink and blue. Hubby and I hope to have 1 more baby after the twins so we can always use whatever bedding again (boy or girl depending on what we have). We're doing a white crib, white changing table and so I'll probably do a white rug, white baskets, etc. So keep it somewhat neutral with the accents. I'll keep my eye's out tonight though and let you know what I see. We're headed to BRU to look! Yay, love it! Can't wait to see pics of Finley and Landry!

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