Goodbye 2009

January 2009
Brought the first snow we'd seen in a looooong time!
In January we also consulted our new RE which turned out to be the best thing ever!!

February 2009
We saw an even bigger snow!
We also made our first visit to what might be the place we lived for the next 3 years while Dalyn worked off his scholarship.We also attempted our first IUI with no success.

March 2009
Sorry for the lack of pictures in March :-/ But after our failed first IUI, I went in for surgery for Endometrosis in March. We also made the final decision to move to the coast of NC in late March.

April 2009
Failed IUI #2
We found a place to live on the coast, so I guess that really sealed the deal.April ended as always, celebrating my late mother's birthday!

May 2009
We celebrated my 25th birthday!
May 4 we welcomed Liam Piper Bradshaw
Failed IUI #3, prescription injectables.

June 2009
First positive pregnancy test of our lives!!!
Less than two weeks later, pure heartbreak. No baby, diagnosis blighted ovum.

July 2009
Packed the truck and bid a very sad goodbye to our amazing Knoxville friends.We spent the remainder of July getting settled in.

August 2009
My hubby celebrated his 27th b-day.
We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
And we decided to hop back on the infertility treatment horse.

September 2009
September we got a huge surprise. . .
Shhhh this time we decided to keep it quite until we seen the ultrasound.

October 2009
Our ultrasound produced the biggest surprise of our lives!!!
We also broke the news to all of our friends and family in October.

November 2009
Really was all about the babies. I don't have a lot of pictures but we spend lots of time basking in how amazing God was to bless us with two tiny little miracles.

December 2009
2009 couldn't have ended any better.
Our ultrasound showed a baby BOY and GIRL!! (pic to come)

All in all we've had an amazing 2009 and know that 2010 only has greater things to come.


Emily said…
What a great way to end the year! :)

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