Doctor's Appointment - 21 Weeks 3 Days

We had another growth scan this past Tuesday. Normally we don't wait very long but we waited forever on Tuesday. My dad got to go with us and he absolutely loved it! He said it was the first time he'd ever seen an u/s. So I weighed 142 lbs, yes almost to the 150 mark, which is really weird for me since it took me until I was like 22 to weigh over 110. It doesn't really scare me just never thought I would see it. I peed in a cup, and got the good news, no blood in my urine!! YAH!!! Pricked my finger, iron still great!! And then off for the fun stuff.

I could tell the babies must had been snoozing because their movements had slowed down a lot while we were in the waiting room. And sure enough they were pretty lull. It was the first time we'd seen them not being active and I must say I prefer them to be more active. They re-checked the sexes, I must question why, they've checked them 3 times now! They also re-checked the hearts. Landry is the photogenic, show-off. We got a perfect picture of his heart and he cooperated completely with everything. He is positioned toward the upper part of my belly and is laying across it with his head towards my right side. Turns out he is the more active one when I'm feeling them move. Finley is laying lower and across but her head was more towards my left side. She is already the shy, stubborn one. She wanted nothing to do with pictures and we barely got the profile shot we did before she flipped around. When we finished she was curled up with her knees up around her forehead. Both their hearts and heartbeats look amazing. They said they both still have plenty of room and my fluid level looks great! They both weighed right at a 1 lb which he said was right on. He said all is going great at this point. They are going to start seeing me every two weeks now. I'll have my next scan in 4 more weeks and then start scanning every 2 weeks after that. Yes I'm going to be living there from here on out. I can't wait to start seeing them every 2 weeks!! So here are pictures of the little munchkins.

Landry & his little hand



WantWait&Pray said…
Our babies are completely opposite. Our baby girl is the active, photogenic one while our baby boy is chill and content just sitting on the sidelines. cute!
Was this your "big" ultrasound or just a growth scan?
I go in at 22 weeks but I think it's just a quickie appt. Won't have another scan till 26 or 27 weeks? SAD! You're doing GREAT putting on the weight for the babies.......they need it and as hard as it is to watch the scale climb and's the BEST thing for the babies. I've never seen these numbers on a scale before personally so it's new territory to me too. But, gotta just keep reminding ourselves it's for the babies and their health! Great update!

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