Bedding Dilemma

So I know I've posted several times that the hubby and I are having difficulties making a bedding decision. You really would think it would be much easier than it has been. Nevertheless we thought we'd enlist everyone opinions and help. We have a girl bedding that we love and a boy bedding that we love however they aren't even in the realm of matching. See pictures below. We have found an interior designer that will help us do the decorating and making the bedding, paint, accessories decisions but I just don't know if I really want to go to such an expense. So any help that anyone could give me would be much appreciated. Or if you know an interior designer who wouldn't charge me an arm and leg for a little direction that would be even better!!


WantWait&Pray said…'s tough huh?
Are you thinking of doing gender specific colors...or a neutral color?
Ali Taylor (I think that's the brand) has some cute b/g bedding as does Doodlefish.
If you're looking to have something made, then you really can chose from fabric swatches which will be much better because you'll have a selection but probably much more expensive.
I decided that between everything we were buying....the bedding could be a bit less expensive. I ended up buying the bedding on Lollipop Kisses website....and they had free shipping and 5% off which was sweet!
WantWait&Pray said…
Oh, one thing to keep in mind too that friends (fellow mommies) have shared...the bedding barely gets used.
You can use the bumper until the babies are more mobile and then it needs to be removed b/c they could roll into it and suffocate. And the comforter.....well it doesn't get used really. My friend said her Dwell bedding comforter(which was over $400) gets put out for house showings (they are selling) and that's it.
Just something to keep in mind.

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