18 weeks 4 day

I am have what the doctor's believe to be kidney stones (YUCK!!) I go for an ultrasound on my kidneys to find out for sure tomorrow. But when I weighed at the doctor's office today, I weighed 131.6 :-0 That's 16 pounds. I wasn't convinenced I had gained that much so I took some belly pics just to see myself in pictures. Thought I would share, ENJOY!!


Robertsons said…
Kidney stones are terrible! If you can make it through passing a couple of those, you won't need any medication to deliver those babies. I've had 1 kid and 3 kidney stones, I'd rather have kids any day!

By the way, your belly is adorable!
kelleyblair said…
OMG. You are getting big (in a beautiful way). By the way i love the names you guys decided on. I know where Landry came from but what is the story with Finley? For some reason I am thinking Boston but I am not sure why.
Amanda Carnes said…
Cute Cute Cute Belly! You are definately gonna have to do one of those belly casts before you deliver!
WantWait&Pray said…
Yep...we're looking pretty similar right now. I think you look GREAT hun....and great job on gaining the weight. I know it's tough to see the number go up....but it's SO good for the babies so that's what you need to do. :-)
You're so cute!!!!

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