What's In A Name?

So Dalyn and I have been asked I guess a million times if we have any names picked out for the kiddos. Well, in case your wondering, we don't. But we did. Confused yet? So of course as long as we've been trying to get pregnant we had come up with some baby names we liked. But something about all those changed when we found out we were having twins. Now something tells me in the end we'll probably go back to those names but for now we've been scrounging through baby name books to see if something just jumps at us. Have any of you looked through baby name books? I mean I have to question, where do they honestly come up with some of these names?!?!! If I can't pronounce it nary am I going to give it to my child to be stricken with for the rest of his/her life. So with all the confusion we've decided to wait until we know what they are to seriously start nailing down names but it got me to thinking, how does everyone else have such an easy time with their babies names. How did you come up with your child, children or child-to-be's name? I am interested to know peoples stories.


Amber Stogner said…
Well It was hard for me to pick a name being a Teacher b/c so many kids just ruin names lol =) But I went through like 500 Baby Name Books just to see… so we picked out 3 names that we liked and then just went from there. But from the very beginning I LOVED the name Caroline…It had to grow on Jason. But her middle name is after my dad who passed away 3 years ago his name was Kenneth but he went by Ken… So Caroline got the middle name Kensley. But you have a very hard job b/c you have two babies to name! It will just one day come to you and your going to LOVE those names =) Do you know if your going to go with names that go together for the twins or let them have different names? Lol do you know what I’m saying?
Robertsons said…
If you remember, John and I didn't find out the sex of our little one. We never bought books, we just skimmed internet sites if we were really board. One morning we went to Lowes at like 5:45,they didn't open until 6, so we were just sitting in the Jeep talking and the subject of names came up. We talked about boy names for awhile but just couldn't find anything that fit. So we started talking girl names. We both blurted out Elizabeth at the same time and it was settled. We decided to go with at Grandmother's name for the middle name. I was faced with Helen, Irene, Patrica and Joy. Naturally, we went with Joy. We never did chose a boy's name so luckily, we had a girl, and it was settled.

I know several people who have had names chosen and things monogrammed and then the baby shows up, and it just doesn't fit. So pick a few and just let the right name come to you. But sound out the initials and play the banana-bana-bo-bana game a few times first. :)
Amber Stogner said…
I also did Banana Game and I also called out Caroline's name like they would at Graduation or if I had to yell her name if she got in trouble lol =)
I picked Jackson's name because it translates to "John's Son," which is his biological father's name. My daughter is Maybrie. It is a combination of Mary and Barbara (our Moms names). I didn't want to name her Mary Barbara because I wanted her first name to be what she is called. So Maybrie it is. I agree that teaching ruins names forever!!! That is why Maybrie is a unique name. Jackson was a tad bit unique when I named him...but it has since become quite popular.

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