Sugar and Spice

And all that's nice,

That's what little girl's are made of.

But that's not all

Frogs and snails
And puppy dog tails,

That's what little boy's are made of.

In case you don't get the correlation, we are having A BOY and A GIRL!!!!

We couldn't be more happier!! They were both very very active, so much to that it took the tech several tries to get pics of our little girls heart and several tries for the little boys spine. We got an amazing picture of the girl sucking her thumb and another of the boy swallowing. And of course we got pics of the money shots. My goal in the next few days is to get something that will allow me to scan the u/s pics so I will post those later and also a pic of us before the big reveal.

But both babies are perfectly healthy and every part of them looked perfect. They also took a measurement of my cervix and it was nice and long. She said everything looked so good they didn't want to see me for another 5 weeks. Wow!! way to cooperate body and babies. We have absolutely overwhelmed with excitement!! Our plans for tomorrow include going to register and do some baby shopping.

Thanks for all the guesses!! Looks like 11 of you got it! Please continue to pray that my pregnancy continues to go easy and the babies continue to remain amazingly healthy and that they continue to grow as they should.


WantWait&Pray said…
I was walking out the door and thought I'd check to see if you posted!
Congrats......that is SO exciting!!!! Let me know if you have luck finding bedding b/c I'm STUMPED!
I've looked and looked and haven't found much.

I am SO excited! Congrats!!!!!

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